Psalm 1
How blessed are those
who reject the advice of the wicked,
do not stand on the way of sinners
or sit where scoffers sit
Their delight is in Adonai s Torah;
on his Torah they meditate
day and night.
They are like trees planted by streams
they bear their fruit in season,
their leaves never wither,
everything they do succeeds.
Not so the wicked,
who are like chaff driven by the wind.
For this reason the wicked
will not stand up to the judgment,
nor will sinners
at the gathering of the righteous.
For Adonai watches over
the way of the righteous,
but the way of the wicked
is doomed.

The Stream of Words (SOW) Ministry serves Christian and Messianic communities in the USA and internationally. Prophetic worship flags, small banners, barrettes, are designed and sold to individuals in churches, congregations, gatherings, and to youth and children's ministries. Teaching and releasing of the prophetic to individuals is also part of SOW.

The Stream of Words Ministry began about 20 years ago in Silver Spring, MD with the designing of prophetic worship flags. The teachings have spread from the USA to Spain, Cuba, El Salvador, Israel, Mozambique, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina, and the ministry has been shared in England, Taiwan, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Latvia, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria and Argentina. The prophetic is being imparted to churches worldwide that want to receive this "new thing" which God is doing in the world.

• We sell uniquely decorated hand made PROPHETIC WORSHIP FLAGS and banners for adults and children "one of a kind";

• Large and small and taylored Banners in English, Hebrew and Spanish (unique gifts for all occasions)

• Pennants / SOW Streamers

• Praise Shawls

• Provide TRAINING to children on how to design prophetic worship flags.

The SOW Ministry is ministering in the following countries:
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